Darren Turner Head Shot

Darren Turner and his Aston Martin Racing team-mate, Stefan Mucke, came so close to winning the world championship this year but it was not to be this time around.  Their Aston Martin Vantage GTE was forced to retire after over three hours of racing in Bahrain, taking Darren and Stefan out of contention for the title.

Stefan started today’s race from third place on the grid, slipping to fourth at the start as he struggled to get the grip he needed from the tyres.  He had to pit early due to tyre wear, which put the No.97 Aston Martin out of sync with the other GTE Pro runners.  Darren took the second stint and suffered with the same problems as Stefan but managed to maintain position.

After two hours of racing, night fell in Bahrain and the cooler track temperatures helped Darren and Stefan to gain more pace.  The race was back on and they both pushed hard to get themselves into a position from which they could pounce.

It wasn’t to be though as their race was soon to come to an abrupt end.

“In the fourth hour Stefan radioed in to say he was losing power,” explained Darren. “He pitted for the team to have a look but the problem was terminal; something had gone awry in the engine and that was the end of our challenge.

“It’s a massive disappointment to get so close to the championship win and have it snatched away like this,” he continued. “Having said that I am feeling hugely proud of the team for getting us into a position where we could fight for the championship. I’m very pleased for the No.95 car for winning the Pro-Am race and for No.96 who won the Pro-Am Championship.

“A big thank you to all of the team and to all of the team partners for another fantastic year,” he said. “We will be back.”