Darren Turner Head Shot
Turner's Bollywood night!

Darren Turner has just returned from a whistle-stop trip to the FIA Gala in New Delhi where he collected the trophy for the runner-up spot in the FIA GT1 World Championship.

The prize-giving gala honours the efforts of all the top finishers in FIA-sanctioned championships, from Formula One, World Rally, WTCC, right through the categories. 

“It was good to be involved in such a prestigious event and receive recognition at the FIA Gala,” said Darren. “Reflecting on our year in GT1 I think we had a good chance to win the championship but we took second.  I’m sure if we’d had a few less incidents we could have taken the top spot but lessons have been learnt and we can move on for next year.”  

“The Gala was good fun,” he continued. “It was a very colourful event with some great Bollywood-style entertainment and some entertaining words from Rory Bremner but it was a very long way to go for a curry and a Kingfisher beer!”