Darren Turner Head Shot

We had high hopes for Le Mans this year. We knew from last year that we had a strong package and if it hadn’t been for a power steering issue then we could have finished on the top step of podium in 2014. With the way the technical package was then frozen for all the manufacturers, we knew we didn’t have to worry about our pace as we have already proved we were competitive at Le Mans.

The test day was tricky for everyone as the weather was so mixed so we got on with what I call our ‘housework’ to prepare for race week: bedding in brakes, fuel run outs, the general running that has to be done but you don’t want to do during race week when the time is too valuable.

The first job during race week is always Scrutineering in Le Mans town centre.  I managed to get a sneaky first peek...CLICK HERE TO READ ON