Darren Turner Head Shot

Free Practice got underway at 16:00 yesterday afternoon so the stunning #97 Aston Martin art car finally got to show of its livery to the Le Mans crowd.

“We started off with the set up from the test day but quickly moved onto our new set up – based on the data we gathered at the test day.  We wanted to make sure we ran with that early so we could see if it was the right way to go and it is. There’s still work to do but we’re sticking with it.  With the forecast for this evening it’s unlikely we’ll get more dry running but at least we can check that our set up is also good in the wet.”

The temperature at Le Mans is much higher than yesterday and with the humidity steadily rising the forecast thunderstorms are looking very likely. This is why it was important for everyone to put in banker laps last night.

“Stefan went out straight away last night to do his mandatory five laps and put in a time then that gave us P3. I then went out to do my five laps and then Rob did the same.  We were hoping to go for a fast run at the end of the session when we got down to low fuel but there was a long red flag so we weren’t able to burn enough fuel off.

“Tonight is going to be all about the weather. If it’s dry we’ll go for another quick run but if it’s wet we’ll be happy with P3 and concentrate on getting the car dialed in for the conditions. Before we get to that though there is more filming to do so I’m off to do my bit in 3D!”